Hello WooCommerce Shop Owner,

This is a tool that will completely Export All your Shop's content to Shopify, in minutes.

WooCommerce Shopify Exporter is a WordPress Plugin that will automagically export your WooCommerce Shop’s Products, Orders & Customers to your Shopify Shop for you.

Easily, Quickly & Completely.


We don't play games, and we value your time!

Everything  & Anything

By default, out-of-the-box, the Exporter will create complete duplicates of your products, in your Shopify shop. No piece of information is being left out. Moreover, the exporter will add all your WooCommerce’s Customers and Orders to your Shopify Shop.

All data will be connected and perfectly integrated with Shopify reporting, customer & order history and more!

2 Minute Installation

The Exporter is as simple to use as it can get, and is designed to be installed and set up quickly and easily. It will do the exporting for you, so you can focus on the important things.

Once it’s done, it will tell you exactly what went as planned and what went wrong.

No Hidden Fees

This plugin is a one time purchase, with full functionality – forever. Once you purchased the plugin, you get a fully functional exporter – without ever it asking for any additional payments or signing up to anything.

Once you have the plugin, you can use it as many times and export as many products as you wish!


The Exporter packs quite the punch with all the needed and wanted features. All you need to start selling quickly.

The Exporter will export your Products, with their SKUs, Title, Description, Tags, Categories, Photos, Prices, Variations, Weight, Stock, Tax Status, SEO Data (inc. compatibility with Yoast) and more.
  • 1 Includes ALL Product Photos All WooCommerce Photos will be exported, and current featured photo will be assigned to the product.
  • 2 Product Variations The Exporter will create and organize all your product variations, including assigning them the prices, stock, tax & policies and much more!
  • 3 Shopify Collections The Exporter will create relevant Shopify Collections and organize your products in these Collections according to your Preferences.
  • 4 Batch Delete & Add Content The Exporter will save you time by batch removing or adding any content you decide from the Products Descriptions.
  • 5 Ogranize Tags & Type The Exporter will help you properly populate your Tags & Type, and use some data that’s not used by Shopify to your needs (Categories, for example).
  • 6 Product Reviews Export your product reviews (including rating) for all products in a single click (requires free 'Product Reviews' Shopify App)
  • 7 URL Redirects The Exporter will keep your old product links alive and juicy by creating redirects to their current Shopify links.
Orders will be exported with their current status, ids, date, customer details, line items, discounts, shipping price, taxes, refunds, order comments, customer notes and more.
  • 8 Preserve Order Numbers With the Exporter you have the option to keep your old WooCommerce Order Numbers (IDs).
  • 9 Full Transactional Data Got orders that were fully or partially refunded ? Not fully paid ? Discounted (either coupon or manually) ? Worry not, the Exporter will assign all the right data from WooCommerce!
  • 10 Order Tags You can add unique custom tags to your orders (based on Order Status or freeform) for easy filtering and sorting.
  • 11 Deletion Helper Deleting Orders takes some time in Shopify, the Exporter will help to to revert to pre-export state if you made a mistake, by quickly helping you delete previously exported orders.
Customers will be exported with the billing and shipping addresses, email, name, phone number, accounts and their orders.
What else?
Exporter is Fully Documented with clear description of each option, and detailed documentation that will guide you through all the process - if there is still a problem or something is not clear, feel free to abuse the 24/7 Support by dropping a line in the form below with any question you might have!
  • 12 Customer Accounts You can tell the Exporter to ask Shopify to send the newly exported Customers invitation email to their new Accounts on Shopify.
  • 13 Customer Tags You can assign custom Tags to your customers, this would allow easy sorting/filtering.
  • 14 Full Integration The exported data is fully integrated with Shopify’s core, appearing in Shopify’s reports, history, and connects the dots between orders, customers and products.
  • 15 Handpick what to export The Exporter is all about saving your time and energy. Want to export just a few products? only a range of Orders? The Exporter is designed to let you export only the things you need.
  • 16 Clear and Organized The Exporter will keep track of all your past exports, with very detailed logs to track down mishaps. All past exports are organized for your for quick re-exports.


See the video below for a screen capture of a real export.

To the left is a Screen Recording that covers from installing the plugin, activation, set up, exporting products with images, customers and orders and seeing the results on the Shopify Shop.

No audio in the video, so a bit of description – at the beginning you can see the WooCommerce site with WooCommerce official dummy products and several made up orders included. Next, the plugin is being installed, activated and verified, followed by the Exporter Settings, then Exporting. Once exporting is done, we move on to the Shopify shop to see the imported products, custeroms and orders, and the integration with the reporting system.


Choose the license best suits your needs! Prices are one-time fees (non-recurring).

WooCommerce Shopify Exporter is available in a Single Shop and Multi-shop licenses.

Both choices offer the same complete solution for exporting products from WooCommerce to Shopify – so what is the difference ?

Single Shop License allows you to export only one WooCommerce shop, and give you the right to use this plugin in a single site.

Multi-Shop License allows you to export as many WooCommerce shops as you wish, into as many websites.

This is a single payment product, there are no hidden fees and it is fully working once downloaded.

Future updates are free of charge.

License upgrades can be done at any time.

Single Shop


  • Single WooCommerce Shop
  • Unlimited Exports
  • All Content
  • Used in a Single Site
  • 24/7 Free Support

Current Version: 1.6.4. Last updated: November, 2017. Supports WordPress 4.2.3-4.9+, WooCommerce 2.3.3-3.2.4+.


Or, alternatively, these are some frequently asked questions.

Would something happen to my WooCommerce site?

Nothing at all! Your WooCommerce site will remain as is, the Exporter only pulls the data, and not modify or edit any piece of information on WooCommerce’s end.

How do I know how to use the Exporter?

Good question! Bundled with the Exporter is detailed documentation that will help you with everything related to the Exporter.

What do I need to run the Exporter?

Requirements are minimal – You’d only need your WooCommerce site to install the Exporter in.

And what about Shopify Collections?

The Exporter gives you the ability to create Shopify collections with your WooCommerce products, based on your categories.

Would I be able to run the Exporter on a localhost?

Sure! You can run the exporter completely from a local host, if you are developing a shop, or working on a shop duplicate – you can use the Exporter to completely migrate it to Shopify (please note, the exporter cannot export images from a local host).

I plan to change my Shop’s URL, can you help with the redirects?

If you are planning to change your Shop’s core url (ie, from awesomebrand.com to shop.awesomebrand.com), then the simple Shopify’s redirects solution won’t work. This Exporter allows you to Export your links to a CSV based on your old URL and new URL – which would allow your to easily generate 301 redirects.


Drop me a line, and I'll do my best to get back to you as soon as I can!