Hello Shopify Shop Owner,

This is a tool that will migrate all your content to WooCommerce - Quickly & Completely.

WooCommerce Shopify Importer is a WordPress Plugin that will automagically import your Shopify Shop‘s content to your WooCommerce Shop for you.

Easily, Quickly & Completely.


We don't play games, and we value your time!

Everything  & Anything

By default, out-of-the-box, the Importer will create complete duplicates of your products, in your WooCommerce shop. No piece of information is being left out.

Moreover, the importer will add all your Shopify’s Customers and Coupons to your WooCommerce Shop & duplicate your previous orders.

All data will be connected and perfectly integrated with WooCommere reporting, customer history, coupon usage and more!

2 Minute Installation

The Importer is as simple to use as it can get, and is designed to be installed and set up quickly and easily. It will do the importing for you, so you can focus on the important things.

Once it’s done, it will tell you exactly what went as planned and what went wrong.

No Hidden Fees

This plugin is a one-time purchase, with full functionality – forever. Once you purchased the plugin, you get a fully functional importer – without ever it asking for any additional payments or signing up to anything.

Once you have the plugin, you can use it as many times and import as many products as you wish!


The Importer packs quite the punch with all the needed and wanted features. All you need to start selling quickly.

True Unique SKUs

Unique SKUs are crucial (and required). The importer will assign unique ones for you (either Shopify’s original, or auto-generated, numbered or by context).

24/7 Support

Run into a problem? Worry not! Send me a message, anytime, and I’ll do my best to get back to you quick and solve the issue even quicker!

Full Integration

The imported data is fully integrated with WooCommerce, appearing in WooCommerce’s reports, history, and connects the dots between orders, customers and products.

Organize Tags & Type

The Importer will help you properly populate your Tags & Categories, and use some data that’s not used by WooCommerrce to your needs (Coollections, for example).

Handpick What to Import

The Importer is all about saving your time and energy. Want to import just a few products? only a specific range? The Importer is designed to let you import only the products you need.

Inclueds ALL Product Photos

All Shopify Photos will be imported (either full or any other available quality), and current featured photo will be assigned to the product.

Full Transactional Data

Got orders that were fully or partially refunded ? Not fully paid ? Discounted (either coupon or manually) ? Worry not, the Importer will assign all the right data from Shopify!

Sale Notes

The Importer will let you assign your own custom Sale Notes to be included to your products – Sale Notes are not a part of Shopify, this will allow you to better match your products to WooCommerce.

Fully Documented

The Importer is designed to be as easy and clear as possible, with clear description of each option, and detailed documentation that will guide you through all the process.

Product Variations

The Importer will create and organize all your product variations, including assigning hem the right prices, stock, tax & policies and much more!

Organized, and then some

The Importer will keep track of all your past imports, with very detailed logs to track down mishaps. All past imports are organized for your for quick re-imports.

Featured Products

Featured products are not an integral feature of Shopify, but are in WooCommerce. The Importer will let you logically choose your WooCommerce featured product prior to Import.


See the video below for a screen capture of a real import.

The Video to the left is a live example of using the Importer on a real Shopify shop, starting from step 0 (installing the plugin), until all data is imported (In the video there is a stopwatch running, so you can see how long everything takes, some parts are fast forwarded, but the stopwatch is the real time).

As you can see, it takes 5 Minutes to install and setup.

The video beings with a clean WordPress install (with WooCommerce), we then install the plugin, followed by getting Shopify API Keys, storing the Data Locally, setting the Importer and finally Importing the Data.


Choose the license best suits your needs! Prices are one-time fees (non-recurring).

WooCommerce Shopify Importer is available in a Single Shop and Multi-shop licenses.

Both choices offer the same complete solution for importing your shop from Shopify to WooCommerce – so what is the difference?

Single Shop License allows you to import only one Shopify shop, and give you the right to use this plugin in a single site.

Multi-Shop License allows you to import as many Shopify shops as you wish, into as many websites.

This is a single payment product, there are no hidden fees and it is fully working once downloaded.

Future updates are free of charge.

License upgrades can be done at any time.

Single Shop

$49per month

  • Single Shopify Shop
  • Unlimited Imports
  • Unlimited Products
  • Used in a Single Site
  • 24/7 Free Support

Current Version: 2.1.7. Last updated: November, 2017.
Supports WordPress 4.2.3-4.9+, WooCommerce 2.4-3.2.3+.


Or, alternatively, this are some frequently asked questions.

Would something happen to my Shopify site?

Nothing at all! Your Shopify  site will remain as is, the Importer only pulls the data, and not modify or edit any piece of information on Shopify’s end.

How do I know how to use the Importer?

Good question! Bundled with the Importer is detailed documentation that will help you with everything related to the Importer.

What will happen to my Orders history?

Your Shopify’s order history will be fully imported and integrated with WooCommerce orders, with connections made to the customers and products. This includes integrating with WooCommerce’s reporting system.

What do I need to run the Importer?

Requirements are minimal – You’d only need your WooCommerce site to install the Importer on.

Would my Shopify Shop experience any downtime?

Nope. Your Shopify shop will remain working normally during the import.

How long does a Import take?

On an average server, an import of a single product takes around 5-7 seconds, a single customer takes 2-3 seconds and a single order takes 3-5 seconds.


Drop me a line, and I'll do my best to get back to you as soon as I can!