Integrate 8tracks mixes easily.

“8tracks is handcrafted internet radio. It offers a simple way for people to share and discover music through an online mix, a short playlist containing at least 8 tracks.”


WP 8tracks Radio offers a simple way for you to let your visitors enjoy the good music 8tracks has to offer. You can easily add the mixes to your sidebars using its Widget.


WP 8tracks Radio’s Widget allows you too :Set the Dimensions of the Player.

  • Assign Mixes to certain posts /pages.
  • Limit the player to certain posts / pages.
  • Have a site wide default mix and alternate between post/page’s mixes.
  • Choose to auto-play or not to autoplay the mix once player finished loading. 


Its an extension for WordPress built in embed function.

If you want to simply play the same Mix throughout the website – simply copy the mix’s url and paste it to the Mix URL field in the Widget.


Thats it, that mix will be played site wide (make sure that under Show Options, ‘Site Wide’ is selected’).


You can furthermore adjust the size of the player to fit your theme, using the Player Dimensions section.

8tracks Radio Let’s you Choose between 4 modes of playing the Mix :

  • Standard, which means that once the player has loaded it won’t start automatically and wait for the user’s action.
  • Autoplay, once the player has loaded, it will start playing the songs.
  • Shuffle, same like ‘Standard’. only the order of the songs is shuffled.
  • Shuffle & Autoplay, a combination of ‘Shuffle’ and ‘Autoplay’. 

Play Different Mixes in Posts / Pages (click to expandshrink)

With WP 8tracks Radio you can assign different mixes to different posts/pages.


To do so, you need to add a custom field called wp8tracks_post_mix_url, add the url of the mix in that field and save it.



That’s it – now that mix is assigned to that post. Once the post loads WP 8track Radio’s Widget will load that mix (as long as you didn’t choose ‘Site Wide’ under Show Options).

WP 8tracks Radio, under Show Options, gives you the option to limit the player to specific Post’s, keep it Site Wide, or, in a weird way – combine the two :

  • Site Wide, this will play the ‘Default Mix’ all over the site, no matter if a certain post has a mix assigned to it.
  • Post Only, this will make WP 8tracks Radio show only on Posts/Pages that has a mix assigned to them – no matter if there is a Default Mix set or not.
  • Site or Post, this will play the Default Mix site wide, as long as its not a Post / Page which has a mix assigned to it – in that case, it will play the assigned mix.

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