Take Control over Copied Text.

Control Copy (or, WPCC), gives you the power to limit the visitors abilities to copy text and/or images from our site. Moreover, it gives you the ability to take control over the text copy action of visitors to your site (ctrl-c/cmd-c/right-click-copy).


You can control the level of protection you wish to apply, limit it only to certain sections of your site (or enable on the entire site), add additional content at the end of the copied text or give immediate feedback for the visitor. With WPCC you can :

  • Limit text copy to Logged In users only (Member privilege).
  • Disable text copy entirely.
  • Allow Logged in members to get a clean copy,
  • Limit WPCC to Posts / Pages or Site-wide.
  • Add custom text at the end of the copied text (you can try with this page). 
  • Custom Text can include : URLs, Blog Name, Author name, Year, Date, Post/Page title and more.
  • Add HTML to custom text.
  • Display elegant simple alerts (feedback for visitor).
  • Limit WPCC to specific Posts / Pages only.
  • Image Protection : Disable image dragging and Right Click over images.
  • Disable Text Highlight. Protect against annotation services.


Implementing WPCC is done completely through the back end in a very simple and intuitive way. By default its setup to start doing magic – you can modify its settings to your liking – we’ll get to that really soon.


WPCC is hooked to wp_footer, so make sure your theme calls for this function!

You can let WPCC know who do you want to limit the text copy privilege too. You do so from the first drop-down selection in WPCC Control Panel

  1. Everybody – Everyone can copy text from your site. 
  2. Only Logged In Users – Self Explanatory. Only members (logged in ones).
  3. Nobody! – No visitor is allowed to copy text from your site

You can further allow logged in members to get a clean copy whenever they copy text from your site (without additional text), by picking YES on the next drop-down.

You can choose in which parts of your site you want to activate WPCC :

  1. Everywhere, WPCC will do its thing everywhere in your site, front page, posts, pages, archives, etc.
  2. Only Posts, WPCC will be only limited to posts.
  3. Only Posts & Pages, WPCC will be limited to posts and pages.
  4. All Posts & Specific Page IDs, WPCC will be limited to all posts and only the pages you select (by entering their IDs).
  5. Specific Post/Page IDs, Once selected an text input field will appear – add in this field the page/post IDs you want limit WPCC to, and his save. This will make WPCC appear only on those posts / pages.

Once a visitor copied text from your site – you can choose to add text to the copied text of the visitor (you can test it on this site – try to copy text and than paste it). You can add two types of text, one site-wide, and one specific for posts & pages.


Any text you add in those fields will be added anytime someone copies content from your site – WPCC gives you the option to customize this text by providing several reserved words that will be converted to text depending on the place the user tried to copy text :

  • @cururl@, this word will be converted to the current URL the visitor is copying the text from.
  • @curlink@, this word will be converted to a link (anchor) to the current URL the visitor is copying the text from.
  • @blogname@, will be converted to your site’s name (as set in the general settings of your site).
  • @blogurl@, will be converted to your site’s home URL (as set in the general settings of your site).
  • @bloglink@, will be converted a link to your site’s home (as set in the general settings of your site).
  • @blogdesc@, the site’s description (again, as set in the general settings).
  • @author@, the author of the current post/page (to be used in posts/pages only).
  • @title@, the post’s/page’s title (to be used in posts/pages only).
  • @year@, the year, at the time of copying.
  • @date@, the date, at the time of copying.


For example – the added text for this post is set as :

Read More at @title@,
Written by @author@,
Copyright © @year@, @blogname@


Try to copy and paste, and see how it translates.

Alerts are quick feedback for the visitor when he tries to copy. There are 3 kinds of alerts :

  1. Only Members, this will show up if a non-member tries to copy text from a page that text copying is limited to logged in members only.
  2. disabled, this will show when a visitor tries to copy text when copying is disabled for eveybody.
  3. success, this alert will show when someone succeeds to copy text from your site.


You can edit all those alerts, or disable them.

Since version 2.0, WPCC gives you the ability to make it hard on visitors to copy your content. You can disable text highlighting (additional copy protection, and protect against annotation services and text drag&drop), and you can protect your images by disabling right click on images and images drag.

Image Protection 

From the Backend, just under ‘Image Protection’, you can choose on of the following four :

  1. No, no image protection is applied.
  2. Disable Drag, this will disable the image dragging only.
  3. Disable Right Click, this will disable right click over images (prevent’s right-click/save as, for example).
  4. Disable Right Click & Drag, this will apply both protection on images.

2 Responses to “Control Copy. A WordPress Plugin.”

  1. Jesse

    can this be DISABLED on particular pages/posts? it would be great if there could be a panel to list postids to disable from protection!, thanks

  2. Jesse

    Also, you need to add right-click disabling option, as well as image dragging disable. Many other copy protect plugins have this. Shouldnt be too hard to figure out.

    also, it would be awesome to be able to use custom HTML into the Added Text that would be great, so that ANCHOR TEXT (not just naked URL) could be added to attributing Added Text linking back to origin site