This Policy applies to all our Plugins (WooCommerce Shopify Exporter, WooCommerce Shopify Importer and WooCommerce Etsy Importer):

  1. We will never ask for any personal information from you, apart from your Email (we need that to contact you, and to create and account for you) and Name (We don’t mind if you call yourself Sauron or Thor, but a real name would be nice).
  2. We will never share your Email and Name with anyone. Ever.
  3. You will never, at any point, be required to use your Etsy or Shopify passwords (therefore, we never store it on our servers).
  4. Our plugins are installed on your WordPress accounts, and therefor, every data or credentials are stored on your servers.
  5. You will never be required to sign to any 3rd party service in order for our plugins to work.
  6. Our Plugins connect to your Etsy or Shopify stores through unique authorization keys you’ll create (don’t worry – it’s really easy), that you can disable at any time. Once you disable them, Our plugins will no longer have access to your data. Moreover, these credentials, as mentioned in step 4, are stored on your server and we have no access to them.
  7. Our plugin History logs, review files or URL redirect files are stored on your server as well, and you can delete them at any time.
  8. We don’t have partners or any 3rd party affiliates, and we don’t plan to have in the future. Your data will forever be for your eyes only.
  9. If you choose to remove your accounts, we will remove all your data with it. No backups will be kept of your data.
  10. All payments are processed through PayPal, and we do not store any personal payment information.